Saya Mencari…?

Saya Mencari: Translates in English to “I am looking for”. And to be quite honest, I often find myself wondering what it is travelers are looking for. Especially the ones who go to leaps and bounds to be so far from home for so long. Every teacher at my school has a different story, each one as interesting as the next. But tonight we were delving deep into the real reasons why people leave “home”. And this is what we came up with: Drum roll please………There are those who are running away from things, and those who are running to things. That simple. Now when I write this down it seems clear as day, but it really wasn’t that obvious at first. But it is so true. I think The Avett Brothers put it quite nicely- ” When you run make sure you run to and not away from, because lies don’t need an airplane to track you down”. And I am proud to say that this time, I am not running away from anything.

Happy Independence Day Indonesia.

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