What is this day called Christmas?

So there is this holiday called Christmas…..  BUT what exactly is Christmas? AND more importantly, what is all the hoopla about?! Besides the obvious fact for Christians that is,let us look at the non-religious aspect of this exciting, yet humbling holiday.

Christmas symbolizes another year gone by,  shedding  a light on what your life is all about.  In one day, life is summed up in a nutshell-everything and everybody that you represent. It brings you to the end, yet the beginning of the circle.We surround ourselves with the ones closest to us, and if we can’t be with them, then we congregrate with the ones closest to us wherever we might be on the world map.

Living away, this message comes across more bluntly, and can even be a bit harsh…(hence the humbling aspect).  This is why Christmas always catches the traveler/expat off guard at times. It makes us stop in our footprints and realize just how special our loved ones really are. And sometimes it makes us sad that we can’t be with them.  I have been away for many a holiday and am familiar with this uncomfortably  hollow feeling. But not this year.


I’ll  be home for Christmas.


  1. Andrea Oliveira says:

    Woohoo! I hope you have a safe and comfortable trip back. Looking forward to seeing you on the 30th!

  2. I can’t wait to see you. Have a safe trip.

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