Say No to Dictatorship… AND Say No to Democracy?

No kidding. These were the signs I saw held up at a protest the other day in Surabaya. It was an Anti-Mubarak protest held by the Muslim Brotherhood who are pushing for Sharia Law. However, isn’t Sharia Law a form of dictatorship in itself? And say no to democracy? Don’t these people realize that it is democracy that is giving them the right to protest against democracy in the first place? Wow. Talk about a Catch 22.

In addition, here are a few more  things that I will just have to accept that I will never understand about Indonesia.

First of all, their obsession with chocolate and cheese eaten simultaneously. It is quite common to see an Indonesian put shredded cheddar cheese on a chocolate birthday cake. (And birthday cakes don’t come cheap here either).  As a matter of fact, their obsession with sweet and salt at the same time befuddles me. I mean, I love a greasy, artery- clogging, honey butter chicken biscuit from Whataburger after a night of drinking- but chocolate and cheese? And oh yeah- the Pizza Hut here has stuff crust pizza breaded in cornflakes….no kidding. Haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say it is not good-ya never know…..

Second, the fact that all the Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Gap clothes are made in sweatshops here, but are four times the price to buy in Indonesia than in the States.

*Third, the Muslim girls’ facade that they are all virgins. Hell, they will not even hold hands in public, but in secret are screwing boys left and right.

 *DISCLAIMER-not all but many

And lastly…DAMMIT PEOPLE!  It is not okay to burn your trash!

And now, the Government has decided to ban all Hollywood movies. Wow- I guess when in doubt censor, censor, censor? 1984 anyone?

 I mean, it did a lot of good for porn. Porn is illegal here (as in you go to jail not just fined). However, someone told me the other day Indonesia is one of the largest producers of sex videos. Not to mention, Surabaya has the largest red light district in Southeast Asia. So is censorship really the answer? Personally, I think it is as big of a joke as the “War on Drugs” in America.  

 But whatever- I will just have to accept it, because this is my home for now.


  1. Muslim Brotherhood….Protests…..Not liking it.

  2. The non American movie existance isn’t about censorship. It’s the change in custom tax for movies here in Indonesia, which made the American movie association withdrawn all the American movie distributed here because they disagree with the regulation made by Indonesian government that foreign movie maker must pay the additional tax for distributing movies instead of just paying 0,43 USD per meter of the film roll for the custom tax. They think that there’s no such thing as movie distribution right – tax anywhere in the world. So it wasn’t a ban.

  3. Yes, Dewi. Valid point. But why do you think Indonesia imposed this tax in the first place? Maybe because they knew America would disagree and pull out without the Indonesian government having to ban them and look bad because of “censorship”.
    If the indonesian government wants more money from taxes why don’t they start with the cigarrette companies? I mean come on!! $1 for a pack of cigs? They are up to $10 in the U.S. because we impose a “Sin Tax” on them. Cigarrettes are much more harmful to your health than movies which express creativity and expand the mind.

  4. as far as the women screwing men left and right while pretending to be virgins……

    well, just go back 60-100 years and you’ve got the exact same situation in most Western countries, pre-women’s rights/women’s lib movements..

    • Touche my man. Very true. And thank god for the woman’s suffrage movement, the 19th amendment and all that jazz…But I just get annoyed with the dirty looks I get here for wearing a tanktop, or wearing a bikini at a pool (even if it is in the women’s section). like I have a big “A” on my forehead. Its like, common man-just cause you are wearing a jilbab doesn’t make you a virgin…
      But ob- la- di- ob -la- da, life goes on brah!! xo

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