A New Breed

So there exists a new breed.

Things have changed since the day of Jack Kerouac, although we all owe him for the sense of adventure he planted in the minds of generations of Americans. Even today, his legacy is strong and influences young people around the world. He inspired people to live their dreams-explore-make it happen!

Before him, the existence of a “Dharma Bum” seemed impossible. Not only impossible, but scorned upon. One was expected to  go to college, then immediatley get married, get a job, and procreate. But, Jack, oh Jack thought outside the box. As did his ecclectic group of friends. They really opened up the doors for a New Breed: The Modern Day Gypsy.

So what is a modern day gypsy? Well, the modern day gypsy has been evolving-and consequently is still evolving as we speak. It started out with Jack, and then the hippies carried on his tradition. Backpackers and hitchhikers unite…communities of nomads are established. Roaming R.V.’s and towns that come and go. A counter culture of people living an unconventional life..the opposite of the “American Dream”.

But who is one to tell someone what their dream should be? What if your dream is to have constant adventure..and not be grounded down with constant repsonsibilites and pressures that consequently encompass the “American Dream”. And yes..this might include a little tax evasion.

This constant rat race of keeping up with the Jonses. .having the newest and shiniest kitchen appliances, flat screen T.V.’s with  500,000 million channels to watch mindless crap to dull the mind…make you forget reality..because lets face it-reality can suck if you are trapped.  And then… The House. The dream of being a homeowner which we are told is the next step to adulthood. Once you are a homeowner you are living the dream! Even if you had to take out a loan the size of the grand canyon to make it reality..monthly payments,interest,etc. And then to take a break from reality, how about an occasional  family vacation to a resort devoid of culture?  Sound appealing?

Well, if this is the “American Dream” it sounds bloody awful to me.

Why was I raised by society to think this is what I want? And to be honest, for awhile I was almost brainwashed..but that all changed the first time I left the country. And then I visited another..and then another..and now I am addicted.

By the time I graduated University, I realized that my “American Dream” is different. And that is OK. However, it is just until now that I don’t feel ashamed by it.

After living in Indonesia for the last year, I realized that the route I took is the one that is right for me. I have friends with corporate jobs back home, friends getting married, friends buying houses, and friends having babies. And this is all OK too. But I am doing none of these things. All of my possesions fit in 2 suitcases (I got rid of most of my stuff when I left for Indo), I have no cell phone, no mortgage or car payments, but hey..I feel light as a feather and am living my dream.

And now, my time teaching in Indonesia has come to an end and I landed in LA  from Indonesia in order to catch a ride back home to Texas with some friends. Sometimes we know people in cities that we can stay with, sometimes we camp, and sometimes we sleep in the car. And I am as happy as a clam. We are making our way up to Portland and then back to Texas. And in August I will start my new job teaching in Honduras.

So here I am…a New Breed. The Modern Day Gypsy. Driving in cars, my ipod playing good tunes, Macbook ready, (because the modern day gypsy must have access to the internet). These times they are a changing. And it is absolutley brilliant.

Oh yeah…..


Here are some tips if you are on a road trip in the Western U.S.A.

1. Cardboard boxes are your friends -it can get really cold at night. If you are sleeping in the car or a tent, insulate!

2. SAFEWAYS are your friend!- Free WiFi which extends all the way outside..and they won’t bother you if you park overnight in the parking lot. So you can stream movies from Hulu or Netflix all night long. Plus, the bathrooms are really clean..oh yeah-get a SAFEWAY card. They really give you lots of savings

3. Baby wipes, dry shampoo, hats, and a knife come in handy. Enough said.

4. Make Friends


  1. Writing is your natural talent. I love you and I am very proud of you. I don’t know about sleeping in cars with cardboard but I guess it has a certain allure when you know you don’t have to do that.

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