Just to Clarify

As some know, my time came to an abrupt and unexpected end in Indonesia due to a family emergency. And yes, after flying into LA I joined my friends in the middle of their roadtrip. They were nice enough to pick me up in LA and give me a ride back to Texas for free. This was really convenient, as the flights to LA were $400 cheaper, which didn’t even make up for the $350 I had to bribe the immigration officer in Indonesia to leave the country.

So, 2 weeks after flying into LA, I am back in Texas finally- With my family where I need to be for the mean time.

I did not leave Indonesia to gallivant around the U.S.A.

And I am sorry if some of my views on Indonesia offended some. I like to think that anything negative that was said was always followed by something positive. And yes, my views in the beginning of the blog evolved in the end. And this is because I learned more with time.

Regardless, I really enjoyed my time there and am fortunate to have met some righteous people along the way-even if some of you think I am full of poo.

But whatever you do…don’t go calling me Ms. Wyoming.

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