Keeping it Simple in Gracias

So it has been 2 weeks in Gracias. Good news is I have finally stopped getting lost. Which for the size of this town, it is really sad that I was getting lost at all. However this post is not about my inability to find North..and furthermore, what if my North is your South?

 The past two weeks have been those of hunting and gathering. Scrambling to find the bare necessities to make our time living and teaching here more comfortable. When we arrived, our houses did not really hold much. Most housing consisted of the basics- 4 walls, a roof, and floor. However, the indoor plumbing is sound, and I was pleasantly surprised to be lucky enough to have hot water.  Everyone was provided a mattress, but simple things that one tends to take for granted back home were left out.  Tables, something to sit on, cooking utensils, shower curtains, etc…..The absence of these items was definitley noticed, however, little by little we are building our homes.

So first it was scrambling to get things for our houses…busy bees zooming in and out of the markets in search of the cheapest deals for items that would perform the function desired. I actually made my nightstand out of the boxes I shipped my school supplies in. You may laugh, but with a sarong over it, it actually looks quite nice.

This last week has also been consumed with scrambling to get the supplies needed to teach our classes for the school year, and decorations to ensure our kiddo’s have a fun and attractive setting to learn in. And with only one stapler gun to go around, plus, most of us having concrete walls- it wasn’t easy. Tape, glue, and scissors were indeed prize commodities this week, but all in all, it was fun.  But I have finally finished decorating, and now I am simply waiting in anticipation to meet the kiddos tomorrow. Then, its time to enjoy days filled with Dr. Seuss, ABC’s, 123’s, songs, dance, and art projects with yes- LOTS OF GLITTER.


The doors to my classroom. Our first week is centered around "The Giving Tree".

As for my feelings about Gracias- they still remain the same. If anything, I am growing fonder of this town every day. I don’t mind walking everywhere when the air is this fresh. If anything, I like it better. Honestly- where else do you get the chance to see a 3 year old carrying a machete?…But seriously-back home there was no interaction while driving my car. Here, every morning I am greeted or greet the people on my way to work, and on the way home it’s easy to grab an ice cream at one of the many pulperia’s (neighborhood convenient store usually run out of one’s house) to enjoy while strolling the streets.And to top it off, at the end of my journey home I pass the fruit and veggie stand where I stop to pick up what I’m going to cook for dinner. Life is indeed simple here. And it is beautiful.

However, today was Laundry Day, and after wearing everything I brought  atleast 5 times, I have finally buckled down- I have decided to make the trip to the laundry lady. Senora Maria resides in town next to the school, and she is most likely the only person with a dryer in Gracias. Now, I am completely aware that  I could, and probably should be washing my clothes by hand and hanging them to dry, but I like the fact that Senora Maria folds them neatly for me, and places them in a bag labeled “Americana”.  

 So…Laundry Day. I didn’t use to dread it so much back home when the washer and dryer were oh so conveniently located in my house-or even better when my maid provided by my last school in Indonesia washed all my clothes for me.  But living in Gracias has given laundry day a whole new meaning.  Carrying two loads up the hill to town can be tiring, and not going to lie, its times like these that having a car would be nice. But if that is all I have to complain about, then I really shouldn’t be complaining at all….Now, if I could just do something about the Honduran men and those God awful hissing noises….Seriously… A) where did that strategy come from? and 2) who decided it was a good way for Latin American men to get a female’s attention? But inevitably, wherever you go, I guess there will always be monsters.







Espy was found at one of the teacher’s houses. We surely thought she had come there to die, as she was on her last note, and it wasn’t looking good.  We knew she most likely had worms, but the biggest factor was if they were heart or intestinal. We kept our fingers crossed that they were only intestinal, and sure enough, after a shot to kill them, she is now better! In only one week, she has gained weight, has already learned to sit, and is now enjoying life as a puppy. And better yet, she has 12 mommies.

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