Hate to Break it to Ya Kiddo, but the Exams Never Stop.

New door decorations for the upcoming second semester.As we approach the fall season, the end of the first semester has arrived for my students. And consequently, final exams are part of the package deal. My kids are very young, and for most of them, this is the first exam they have ever taken.

The look of confusion and apprehension has been all too much. It is very interesting to see how they react to pressure in different ways. Honestly, I think I have been more nervous than them. Furthermore, I can relate to the poor things. I  am also taking an exam this week. A colleague and I are traveling to Tegucigalpa this weekend to take the GRE. And get this-it is going to be in the written format…

So as I watch the kids take their exams, I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for them. Because I know this is just the first of many. Look at me- I am 25, and exams are still a part of my life.

Its an understatement to say I have been a nervous wreck these past 2 months cramming for the thing. I haven’t had a math course in 6 years, not to mention HOW to get to the test has been a struggle all in its own. Not only do I have to travel 8 hours by bus to one of the most dangerous cities in the world, I have to take it in written format. Plus, I have to go to the U.S. Embassy before hand to get my passport, seeing as I was robbed a couple months back. Not to mention, with all the floods in Honduras right now, many of the roads are blocked. However, I think the road to Tegus should be okay….. Knock on wood. Oh yeah, and get this- The results don’t come back for 6 weeks with the written test. That’s not going to be time spent on edge at all…

So here is to the little ones passing their exams. …And to me passing mine.

Oh my Amy Winehouse, I better get into a good grad school.

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