Remember That Time I was Detained at the Border?

Yes, all the buses in El Salvador look like this....And it's awesome.

So we rode the magical party bus once more for another trip to El Salvador. But this time, we had a few problemas at the border.

Evidently, my employer uses fake stamps in our passports in order to renew our allowed 90 days in Honduras. Funny thing, the officials at the El Salvador border weren’t too thrilled about our falsified documents.It turns out this is not just frowned upon, but its very much illegal. I knew we were going to be in there awhile when the guard pulled up three chairs. It didn’t help my case any when the officer could not find my stamp from when I flew back from the States in January. I was sure he was mistaken when he said the stamp was not there, however, it turns out that the chatty customs official forgot to stamp my passport when I flew back after Christmas. Consequently, this left me looking like one big liar, with nothing but forged stamps in my passport.

Luckily, after an hour or so of being detained and questioned, they let us through, and we eventually made it to the quaint but electric town of La Palma, where the first thing I did was seek out a zapote licuado (milkshake) to take the edge off the tense situation at the border. But damn-come to find out, the zapote fruit was all out of season.

Oh well, you win some you lose some-I’m just happy we made it across the border, and not in some crap episode of Locked Up Abroad.

Mural in La Palma


  1. i had to pay $120 when this happened to me

  2. Ah memories of Cambodian Officials and border crossings – brings it all back

  3. US customs does not usually stamp your passport when you are re-entering as a citizen. I usually have to ask and even then they seem put out at the request. – Kevin

    • Thanks, good to know! But I’m talking about when we came back after Christmas through Honduran customs. They forgot to stamp my passport! They stamped Kristin and Kate’s. I guess I have to watch more carefully next time.

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