The Land of Corn Tortillas. And Lots and Lots of Drugs.

Hills of Copan, Honduras

Honduras. I’m sure you have seen horror stories plastered over the news lately, what with it recently being crowned the “murder capital of the world”. As a result, the State Department pulled the Peace Corps out, and consequently, tourism has significantly declined.  Regardless, I have decided to continue teaching for the remaining of the school year.

Yes ,Honduras is unsafe. Yes, there are places which one should avoid. And yes, when boarding a bus, one always has to be mentally prepared that it might get hijacked.

Honestly, the scariest thing about living in Honduras is simply making a trip to the airport. This means a trip to San Pedro Sula, which is teaming with drug cartels and street gangs. But not my town. The town where I call home is out of harms way, and I feel 100 percent at ease here. (Despite our new neighbors, who we are convinced are operating a drug operation under the disguse of a mattress business- but that is a whole other story).

Following the recent negative media coverage, my family has been urging me to return home, and it is to no avail that I try to convince my mother that I am safe. But in actuality, I honestly feel that I am. Yes, Honduras is sketchy, but there are many areas which are unaffected by the violence.

Let me put it this way: Comparing San Pedro Sula to Gracias is like comparing Detroit to Lake Wobegon, Minnesota. Chances are you have never heard of the place, much like Gracias. And just like Gracias, nothing bad happens in Lake Wobegon. Furthermore, I would sure as hell not want to live in Detroit. Bad things happen everywhere. One just has to be careful and use common sense.

It’s depressing that a beautiful country like Honduras has to be marred by such violence, but inevitably, it’s the same old song and dance- As long as there is a demand for drugs, there will inevitably be a supply.

Honduras is simply taking advantage of a business opportunity.


  1. Wonderful !!!! Love, Mom

  2. Pretty sure I live by the Honduran version of Lake Wobegon 😉 –Bobby @ D&D

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