Everytime Someone Quits Their Corporate Job to Travel the World, a Fairy Gets Its Wings.

Refuse to be one of those cliches who look back at life with regret.

In the end, you only have yourself to blame.

The oppurtunities exist, you just have to prioritize.

There is ample time to root yourself when older.

Join us in the magical world of Travelers’ Limbo.


  1. *LOVE* the title. Ain’t that the truth.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Liberty this evening. Enjoy your time down in Honduras, Austin will be here waiting for you.

    I sure like me some George Bailey.


    • indofire says:

      Haha love it.

      Mabye I will run into you on my next visit..Wherever there is a food trailor close by, I’m sure 😉

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