Backpacker Stereotypes Part V: That Creepy Old Guy

Mixed dorm rooms are always a wild card, and although usually a safe bet, there is always the rare occasion that you will find yourself on the short end of the stick. Consequently, some of you have been unlucky enough to find yourself sharing a dorm with “That Creepy Old Guy”.

You have all met one- the misplaced, middle aged man-boy who is backpacking around trying to fit in with the mid- twenties folk.  It wouldn’t be so bad if he just wasn’t so creepy. However, he is often found perving on girls young enough to be his daughter.

Typically around 50 years old, he is oddly enough the first to instigate a game of beer pong. How the hell does he even know what beer pong is? And furthermore, why is he insisting on acting like a freshman in college? Did he miss his chance to do the whole “dorm thing” in college, or is this simply a pathetic attempt to relive his frat boy days?

My guess is his wife cheated on him….most likely because he never grew up.


  1. Wayyyyy too true X

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