Hello Bangkok!

The streets of Bangkok, New Years Eve Day

My first day in D.C. there was a shooting across the street from the Mediterranean restaurant we chose for dinner, followed by a swarm of Homeland Security and Swat teams that surrounded the think tank building where it occurred. I had just moved back to the States from Honduras in order to attend graduate school at American University, and thought I had surely escaped the shootings. But I guess some things never change. It doesn’t really matter where you are in this fishbowl; people hate.

But all of that is over with now, and 6 months in D.C. went by much like a dream that one awakens from. The kind where the only proof that it happened is the vague remnant of a confused feeling; the blurred images of faces and light.

Obama's Crib- 2 miles from my apartment in D.C.

Obama’s Crib- 2 miles from my apartment in D.C.

Regardless, my first semester of grad school came to an end and I made the move back from D.C. to Texas with my tail between my legs, to face my family and tell them I would not be returning.

Needless to say, they were not too thrilled.

However, because I have been blessed with such an amazing family, after some time, I now have their support in my decision to go back to doing what I love most in this world: teaching and travelling.

So here I am in Bangkok, Thailand.

My luggage was lost, and it took 49 hours to get here thanks to the efficiency of American Airlines, but I arrived safe and sound, and that is all that matters.

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