Chinese New Year Day Three: Don’t Go Knocking

Door to a Temple in Kaohsiung.

Door to a Temple in Kaohsiung.

Day Three of Chinese New Year is known as the Chìkǒu  赤口, which directly translates to “red mouth”.

It is customary to burn more paper offering over trash fires, but I have witnessed none of this in Kaohsiung. I have been told it is still practiced in rural areas. I guess people in big cities lose site of tradition with all of the hustle and bustle.

Most importantly, today is considered an extremely unlucky day to have visitors or to visit friends or family. Dom and I were going to have people over for dinner tonight, but we pushed it back to tomorrow just in case…


  1. Nice picture.

    • Thanks 🙂 I actually took it with my iPhone. I’m super impressed with what those little camera phones can do. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which pictures I took with a phone and which ones I took with my DSLR

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