Chinese New Year Day 4: Back to Reality…Well, for some.

Day four of Chinese New Year is somewhat uneventful compared to the last few days. The fires have dwindled, the firecrackers are fewer and further between (but make no mistake they are still going strong ), and people have slowly started to make their way back into the cities from holiday. Most importantly, the trash truck has resumed its daily circuit. I am thankful for this for two reasons: First, because the city was starting to stink a little bit, and second, because I secretly missed the creepy ice-cream truck tune/ happy birthday song it eerily blares all day long while making its rounds.

Tomorrow, most people will go back to work because let’s face it – we are in the 21st century, and even though the Chinese New Year traditionally lasts 15 days, we’ve got a modern day world to run, and the Chinese don’t sleep.

Law Bock Gow

Law Bock Gow

Some people hold a corporate dinner to kick off the new work season, so I called the other teacher at my school and invited her over for dinner. Even though we don’t go back to work until Monday, I wanted to stick to tradition. It was a lovely evening filled with homemade curry, stir-fry, wine, and of-course, good conversation. She even brought Law Bock Gow, a traditional dish made from turnips. I never thought I’d be one for turnips, but it was divine. The closest thing I can compare it to is a mixture of a polenta and mash potato hash brown.

So tomorrow, back to reality for some. However, I think I will sleep in.


  1. Get the recipe

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