40 Mile Cycle Ride to Paradise

Temple by the beach. Heavenly.

Temple by the beach. Heavenly.

I love it when the road leads to paradise.

Yesterday, Dom and I set off on a 40 mile cycle journey from our town of Kaohsiung to Kenting Beach. Not a bad view.

Now, I just need to buy a decent road bike. Believe it or not, my trusty stead for the day was a clunky cruiser a friend kindly let me borrow.


  1. […] The last time Dom and I cycled to Kenting, it was during the Chinese New Year. Although we had a good time, it was probably the worst occasion to visit for peace and quiet on a serene stretch of beach. Instead, we were greeted by hoards of tourists, streets blocked with motor vehicles, and bloated prices. […]

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