Chinese New Year Day 13: Happy Birthday Guan Yu

I’ve noticed a trend, and I’m sure you have noticed it too. It seems to be that everyone and their mom’s birthday takes place during the Chinese New Year. Today the birthday of Guan Yu, also known as the Chinese God of War, is celebrated with-you guessed it- fireworks.

Who is Guan Yu?

General Guan Yu

General Guan Yu

Guan Yu was born during the Han dynasty, and is revered as the greatest general to have ever existed. He played a significant role in the civil war that led to the collapse of the Han Dynasty. Consequently, Guan has been deified as the God of Wealth and Success, and is worshipped by many Chinese people today.

Lastly, today many people will go on a veggie cleanse to clean out their stomachs from the past 2 weeks of gluttonous eating . However, I’m not sure how antiquated this practice is; I’m assuming it’s not popular among the younger generations.

As for me, I usually always eat vegetarian. But tomorrow night I’m going to the English pub, so it’s bacon for this girl.


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