Top Ten Rules for Chicken Buses in Central America

This post has been written by guest blogger, Dominic LeCroissette.

Chicken bus in El Salvador

Chicken bus in El Salvador

1. The more ancient and dilapidated the bus, the louder the sound system.

2. There is always room for one more passenger (personal record, 29 people in a 13-seater minivan), and it is possible to fit 3 adults on a seat designed for 2 children

3. Drivers possess a supernatural ability to see around corners and over brows of hills while overtaking

4. Drivers must send and receive phone calls and text messages constantly while driving.

5. The driver is the boss, therefore he may stop whenever and wherever he chooses in order to buy lunch, run an errand, or talk to a friend, regardless of whether the bus is on schedule or not.

6. Itinerant vendors of drinks and snacks will literally fight one another to get on the bus (applies especially in El Salvador), and items seemingly irrelevant to short bus journeys, such as toothpaste, batteries, and socks, apparently do sell well on buses.

7. If you’re over 6 feet tall, you have absolutely no chance of fitting your legs into the allocated space.

8. Religious preachers can provide entertainment and momentarily alleviate the discomfort of the ride.

9. Normal rules of journey time do not apply to chicken buses. A short trip of 40km can take 2 hours.

10. It takes the bus at least 5 minutes and 28 gear changes to get up to cruising speed. At exactly this point, someone ALWAYS flags the bus down

About the Author

Dominic LeCroissette has been globe trotting for the past 7 years, his adventures bringing him to 49 countries. When he is not cycling, or conquering mountains and volcanoes, you can find him in the classroom teaching English. He is currently living in Taiwan.


  1. Very funny.

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