Antigua: Semana Santa

Antigua, Guatemala during Semana Santa has always been on my bucket list. But seeing as I am last -minute Jane,  it took years to finally make the trip a reality. Last year, I finally buckled down and made reservations as far as in advance as December at a place called  Hostel Jacaranda. I’m glad I did, because I was pleasantly surprised to find a quiet oasis of a hotel, smack dab in the center of the city.

Holy Week is intense in Antigua, and those who do not like crowds should probably not go. But I found the energy of the occasion electrifying. The colors in the city alone made the trip worth it.

Antigua, Guatemala

A woman sells crafts in the streets.

Men carrying an anda in one of the parades on Good Friday.

Woman putting the finishing touches on an alfombra.

Mother and son selling toy balls in the street.

Little girl  dressed in black for Good Friday.

Women selling produce in the market.

Women on her way to the parade to sell balloons.

Colorful crafts for sale in the artisans market.

One of the many colorful chicken buses.

Street cleaners sweep the streets early Monday morning.


  1. Loved the colours!

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