Cycle Trip to Wutai

Waterfall in Wutai

Waterfall in Wutai

This week I have a 4 day vacation. What to do with it? Well, considering everyone and their mom  had the same idea to leave the big city, there really isn’t much available in terms of plane, train, or bus tickets. Dom and I had originally planned to check out the Taroko Gorge, but apparently, so did everyone else in Kaohsiung. In Taiwan, one can only buy train tickets 14 days in advance, and despite our futile efforts to purchase them the day of, they sold out within 1 hour.

But nothing to cry about. It just so happens I bought a new bicycle last week and I’m eager to take it for a ride. So we took a field trip to Carrefour to buy camping gear and a map, and now it’s off to the mountains, waterfalls, and hot springs of Wutai we go.

It’s about a 70Km ride there, so we should be there by late afternoon….

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