It’s Getting Hot In Here

World Heat Engine

It is currently 91 degrees in Kaohsiung, with a heat index of 109; I feel like I am stuck in an armpit.

As a native Texan, you would think I’m used to this kind of blistering heat. But one never gets used to this kind of heat; they just get better at grinning and bearing it.

One of my student’s mothers informed me today that summer hasn’t really started. Really?!

The beginning of summer begins on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival ,which this year takes place on June 12. According to the Taiwanese, after the Dragon Boat Festival, one can put away their winter clothes and take out their summer garb.

Good to know.

If I haven’t drowned in my own sweat by then, I will remember to hang up my North Face.


  1. pollyheath says:

    Go sit in a cold bath or something! You’re making me feel hot just thinking about it.

  2. It’s somewhat odd but I don’t mind the heat and I’m from MN. Kaohsiung still has another 5-10F coming this summer. My only requirement is that after 3-4 hours I have to be able to get out of the heat for awhile and camping is definitely out unless I’m on top of a mountain. Time for an easy bike ride followed by an evening at the bookstore (in AC).

    • Haha sounds like my weekend last Saturday: Bike ride and then Caves Books. And yes, camping is definitely outta the question right now….We went to Baisha this weekend, and splurged on a was just too dang hot to camp.

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