Baisha Beach, Taiwan


Baisha is a white sand beach located in Kenting National Park. The past couple of weekends the weather has been rubbish, making a getaway out of the question. But the stars were aligned last weekend, and the elements for a trip were in full force; Dom had just purchased a motorcycle, the weekend had a forecast of clear skies for the first time in awhile, and it was hot as holy hell outside. Seeing as the odds were in our favor, come Saturday morning we threw some stuff in a backpack and set off for a weekend away from the smog and monotony of the big city.

The new motorbike. Much faster than cycling.

The new motorbike. Much faster than cycling.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in Baisha. In my head, I envisioned a beach town similar to the town we visited last in Kenting (home to Kenting’s Night Market) but with a slightly smaller crowd.

I envisioned wrong, but positively so.

In Baisha, there exists no 7-11 or Family Mart, and you can count the number of hotels on your hand. The small stretch of beach did get pretty crowded from 3-6, but before and after, it was virtually empty. Without reservations, we managed to find a little inn for $1500 NT a night ($50US).

What about camping you ask?

Well, as far as camping goes, Dom and I have come to a general consensus that we should put the tent away until the end of summer. We might be adventurous, but we are not masochists.

The Happy Panda is the place to go if you are in Baisha. A) because the ambience is stellar and B) because it is literally the only place to go.

Located right on Baisha beach, it is with good reason that it is here the people flock.  Umbrellas can be rented, drinks purchased at the bar, a D.J. spins from around 3 PM onwards (however the music is questionable), the food is pretty good (the pizzas are handmade and pretty tasty at $200-$280NT), and surprisingly-what with the monopoly the place has- the prices aren’t inflated. You are even allowed to bring in your own food and drink if you wish, and can camp there for prices starting at $300NT.

The closet town is Hengchun, which is about a 10-minute drive away. Here, you can find all the convenience stores your heart desires, and hotels in case Baisha is booked (which in the summer is the most likely scenario). For a nice hostel in Hengchun, I recommend The Surf Shack. Whatever you do, do not run out of gas, because there is NO place to refuel in Baisha.

I know this from personal experience because Dom’s bike had a gas leak, and Sunday morning we awoke to a puddle underneath his bike. Thankfully, the manager at the White Hotel had a bit to spare, but it did not get us all the way to Hengchun; the bike broke down around one mile outside the town, leaving us to walk the remainder of the way. Fortunately, after a visit to the mechanic, thirty minutes, and $300NT later, the problem was fixed.

Regardless of our bike troubles, I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Baisha. The air was clean and the stars were the brightest I have seen in Taiwan. It was a delight to escape from the hoards of tourists on the island, and I am still amazed by the solitude. Added bonus, this was our first weekend getaway without any rain.

Instead, there was an earthquake. Shake, shake, shake, and namaste.

Author’s Note:

On your way to Baisha, on Highway 1 (about 15 minutes after you pass Fanglio) there is a place called Three Fools on your right. Stop here for the most delicious smoothie you might ever have. Choose from mango, coffee, and coffee-matcha (my personal fav). They are a bit pricey at $130-$150 NT, but totally worth it, as the view is worth that in itself.


  1. I looks beautiful there.

  2. Looks gorgeous!

  3. Enoch Castleberry says:

    lovely article. i never found that place so its nice to hear about it. I think the thing i hated most about Taiwan was the weather. At least you are in the south; it’s so much worse in the north. Tell Dom nice selection on the new bike. I used to have a white Hartford 150 and I absolutely loved it.


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