Go Fish Illegal to Play in Taiwan?

Last night Dom and I went to Smokey Joe’s, a chain restaurant in Taiwan that serves Tex-Mex. As customary,we were playing cards whilst waiting for our food to arrive.

We have never had any problems; that is until last night, when a server approached us.

Server: “Are you playing poker?”

Me: “No.”

Server: “You need to put your cards away.”

Me: “Why?” (Followed by awkward laughing because surely she was joking)

Server: “You need to put your cards away. You are offending the families around you.”(evidently she didn’t find the situation funny)

Me: “But we are not playing poker.”

Server: “You need to put your cards away. If the police see you, you will be in trouble.”

Me: “Thank you for the suggestion, but as paying guests at Smokey Joe’s, we will continue to play cards.”

Server: (No reply. Just awkward silence accompanied by her staring at us)

Me: “Once again thank you, but please excuse us, we are tying to enjoy our night.”

Does anyone have any idea what in the heck took place? Is it illegal to play cards? Or was the waitress simply not functioning with a full deck? Any feedback would be appreciated!


  1. pollyheath says:

    Crazy! If you’re not playing for money, who cares?!

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