England: Town and Country

Traditional. Queen. Tea. Castles. These are probably a few of the words that come to mind when England is mentioned.

But are we wrong to stereotype the country in such a manner?

During my recent trip to the Mother Country, I was reminded that it is with good reason England is associated with these words.  They love the Queen, they know how to do tea right (cream tea anyone?), and the country is not lacking for castles.

And it’s absolutely splendid. Splendid I thought.

An iconic fork in the road in Dorset.

DSC_0046Corfe Castle

DSC_0067Isle of Purbeck

Cream Tea at Hever Castle

Classic Volvo outside of a home in Belgravia

DSC_0009Vintage store front in London

DSC_0130River Thames

DSC_0036Brighton Pier

DSC_0050Fish and Chips with Peas

Fortune teller on Brighton Pier

Carousel on Brighton Pier


All pictures on Nomad Notions taken by the author unless otherwise stated.


  1. steviepreater says:

    Gorgeous photos – I love Corfe Castle!

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