JinLun Hot Springs, Taitung

On our recent weekend getaway, Dom and I visited JinLun Village in Taitung County.  I’m currently training for a half marathon, so my muscles are quite sore from all the running, and I was aching (literally) for a soak in some healing mineral water.

The journey by motorcycle from Kaohsiung took exactly 5 hours. 3 hours driving time, and 2 hours for lunch and a stop at Three Fools, our favorite smoothie place in Taiwan.

In JinLun, we stayed at Yitianwu Springs Hotel where rooms start at around $1200NT. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and steps away from the private springs in the the courtyard of the hotel, so I can definitely recommend this place without any hesitation. The hotel is run by a friendly family, and a hearty breakfast is included.

Private springs at the hotel which are emptied and refilled daily.

Complimentary breakfast at the hotel.

If you decide to visit, check out the town’s modest night market for dinner, as it’s where all the “action” is on the weekends. Here we enjoyed some delicious street food, accompanied by some 7-11 beers, and some good old fashioned people- watching. There is also some prime nature to be enjoyed around the springs. After a little exploring, we found some lovely trails along the river, far away from the outside world.

Directions from Kaoshiung


Head south from Kaohsiung on the 17, following it past the airport and industrial zones all the way to the end where it meets highway 1 at Shueidiliao. Turn right on the 1 and head towards Kenting, passing Fangliao. At around km448, keep an eye out on your right for a place called Three Fools which serves excellent smoothies on a breezy terrace overlooking the ocean.

Continue down the hill and along the coast. Just past Fangshan, the road divides, and highway 9 to Taitung is clearly signposted along a big bridge which veers off to the left. A few kilometers along highway 9, traffic vanishes and the road cuts through the mountains, offering splendid views of forested hillsides and river valleys.
Once you emerge on Taiwan’s east coast, turn north (left). The small town of Jinlun is about 20km further along the 9 and there are grandstand views of the Pacific Ocean almost all the way. Driving north through Jinlun on the 9, you will see a 7-11 on the right, and shortly afterwards a narrow road on the left signposted to the Hot Springs. Take this road and follow it for about 2km, past a tacky hotel that looks like a castle. Shortly before a red iron bridge, turn hard right and the Yitianwu Hotel is about 50 meters along here on the left hand side.
There is also a train from Kaohsiung to JinLun. The journey is about 2-3 hours.


  1. Roger Ferrett says:

    Yep, it’s a lovely place. I bought a house there and live there 6 months of the year.
    If you get there again take the road to the right of the red bridge and education center up to li chew. A small village with a shop that sells the usual supplies(beer!) opposing the old school. Continue on over the next bridge for about 4k. The road becomes quite narrow but its very beautiful. If you’re adventurous when the road ends you can walk down to the river and paddle or walk along it. I got about 5k up and it’s great.
    I also do white water rafting on the river in a NT$900 inflatable dingy I picked up at Coscos.
    That’s a real buzz!
    Enjoy your travels.

    • Thanks for the travel tip, Roger! We plan to go back when the weather cools off in hopes of seeing some birds (not too many were out on our visit this month because of the heat), and we will definitely check it out 🙂

      • Roger Ferrett says:

        I’m going to LA on Monday for a few months then back. Drop me a line if/ when you come through. My wife is Paiwanese (I’m Aussie) so we can point you in the right direction.
        Yeh, birds. I really don’t know why they aren’t around – anytime of the year. I posted on FB a few weeks ago requests for info to stop feral cats killing the few that are around and shitting all over the place. Suppose I shouldn’t have mentioned a BB gun even as a joke:) no sense of humour some Kaohsiung people!

      • Hahaha. Yeah, sometimes the sarcasm seems to get lost in translation. We will definitely drop a line next time we make it up there. What is your email?

      • Roger Ferrett says:

        Actually it was posted on a Brits FB page who’s lived in Kaohsuing forever. I think he likes cats:)

  2. Roger Ferrett says:

    BTW I have a hobie cat bravo that I take out if I can get over the waves, which isn’t often.
    Do u sail?

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