Thanks to Fellow Expat, Taiwan “RE-THINKS” Pollution

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Rethink Logo

Kudos to fellow expat teacher Daniel Gruber for bringing attention to the trash epidemic in Taiwan (and shining some much needed light on the expat population). Gruber, from Hawaii, just completed a cycle trip around the island of Taiwan, but instead of solely sight seeing, he also picked up trash along the way.

During his summer vacation cycle trip, his efforts drew much attention from the locals, as well as the expat community. On his 12 trash-collecting stops around the island, he invited anyone who wanted to help to join him. By using Facebook as a platform to gather support for the initiative he named “RE-THINK, 重新思考”, he managed to collect a whopping 15,000 likes in no time at all. At one of the events in Yanglio, participants collected 2,000kg of trash in under an hour.

You can read the recent Taipei Times’ article about the RE-THINK, 重新思考 campaign HERE.

And to Daniel Gruber, I personally thank you for being awesome.


  1. Amazing! This is one real positive difference an expat can make. I should have done something similar in India…but I’d still be there.

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