Taitung Sea Art Guest House

I can’t get enough of Taitung. Last weekend was my third visit, and once again, I was amazed by the enchanted scenery of mountains, trees, green vegetation, and the almighty Pacific. This time around, I stayed at the Taitung Sea Art Guest House, and I will definitely be returning.

In Honduras, my home away from home was the D&D Hostel in Lake Yojoa.  Every chance I had, I would visit for a weekend surrounded by nature, and enjoy a nice cold beer, good company, and a nap or two in a hammock.

Well, it looks like I have found my version of the D&D in Taiwan. Located high up in the mountains, right outside Dulan, the Taitung Sea Art Guest House is an oasis away from the polluted and congested city of Kaohsiung. The only sounds here are leaves rustling in the wind, birds chirping, and….silence.

Communal kitchen area

Communal kitchen area

The owners, Emily and Roman, are truly righteous people and make you feel at home. If you get a chance to visit, make sure to check out the “Avatar Tree” nearby to replenish your energy reserves before heading back to the big city.

Namaste and happy travelin’ y’all.

"Avatar Tree" outside of the Taitung Sea Art Guest House

“Avatar Tree” outside of the Taitung Sea Art Guest House

Directions from Kaohsiung:

Head south on the 17, merging with Highway 1 at Shuidiliao. Continue south on the 1 towards Kenting, then turn left on the 9, signposted to Taitung. Highway 9 crosses the island, and after 30km of twisty mountain roads you emerge on the east coast. Continue north and just before Taitung the road forks. Here, you will take Highway 11 (the coastal route). Keep going north and pass through Taitung’s outskirts, then cross a big bridge. Shortly after the 147.5km marker, just before the famous “Water Running Up”, there is a left turn (signposted “no left turn”!). Follow this small road up the mountain, and there will be small artsy signs guiding you to the hostel (about 10 minutes drive from the main road).




  1. sounds AMAZING!!

  2. Thanks for the info. You’ve got some great posts!


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