Liangshan Waterfall

Living in Taiwan, one has the tendency to take waterfalls for granted, seeing as they are scattered all about the island. So much so, that they may get overlooked because they have become so “ordinary”. But in all reality, they the are far from ordinary.

Waterfalls are f**cking awesome. Waterfalls are up there with unicorns, rainbows, and leprechauns. Waterfalls are just so amazing that TLC wrote a song all about em’.

So ladies and gents, get off your butt, and start chasing those waterfalls.

Directions to Liangshan Waterfall (1 hour and a bit from Kaohsiung):

Head east on the 1, through Fongshan, and cross the 3km-long Gaoping Bridge. There are a variety of routes you can take through or around Pingtung City, but the simplest is to bear straight ahead on the 3, then turn right on the 24, skirting central Pingtung . Click HERE for a Google map. Continue to follow the 24 north-east, crossing under the freeway. At around km20, as you approach the village of Sandimen, take a right turn (marked by several brown signs and a 7-11 advertisement). A few hundred meters along this road, you will see the 7-11 on your left. Take a right turn here, and continue until you see another brown sign to Liangshan Waterfall. Turn left, go through the tunnel, and the parking lot to the waterfall (and the visitor center) will be on your left.

For more information on Taiwan’s waterfalls, check out Taiwan’s Waterfalls, an excellent blog written by a fellow expat in Taiwan.


  1. bahaha love it. listen to TLC, people…or is it don’t listen to TLC, people and actually chase the waterfalls? if we lived ANYwhere near this continent, we’d be in the car with these directions, asap. alas….

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