Ameeeerica. F**K Yeah?

This week, we’ve been learning about the good ole’ U.S. of A in my kindergarten class. It’s been a fun week filled with painting flags and creating crafts which I have hand selected as representing my home country. That the government has shut down this week, is an irony that has not been lost on me.

In preparation, I asked my English boyfriend what he associated with The United States. His answer: Walmart, fat people, hamburgers. Thanks buddy! I then told him the reason I was asking was to get class ideas. He laughed, and said “I guess you can talk to them about baseball?”.

I know America gets a bad rap, but nonetheless, I truly am *gasp* proud to be an American- and especially a TEXAN.

I love everything about it (minus Rick Perry, but as an optimist, I choose to focus on the good). And that is: live music, BBQ, Austin, the hill country, ranch parties, Tex-Mex, the river, cowboy hats and boots, country music, and southern hospitality from southern folk.

So even though I am not proud of many of the decisions my country makes on my behalf, I am still proud to come from the United States. Because that is where my home is, and no matter where I am on this nomadic journey, my heart will always be in Texas y’all.


  1. I love this little homage to home! How fun to be able to talk about your home with your kindergartners. I bet they know so much more than we do about other countries at their age.

    I’ve also asked English guys (and Germans and Italians) what they think of Americans, and they all gave the same answers as your boyfriend. So sad! But not entirely untrue…

    However I too am proud…most of the time.

    • Yes, not entirely untrue, sadly. But we have so many cool things to offer and be proud of in terms of music, art, etc. Like San Fran, Austin, and Portland-there are some pretty awesome people and things to be found.

      One time, a Dutch guy I met said he found all Americans to be fat, sloppy, and poorly dressed. I asked him where he visited and he said St. Louis, Missouri. I told him he needed to pick somewhere different, and give the States another try.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So nice to know that after your travels you will come home to Texas.

  3. This reminds me of when I first started teaching in Taiwan, they tried to make speak with an American accent (I’m from New Zealand). I kept it up for a couple of weeks but I’m pretty sure I sounded like an idiot, so I stopped!

    • I’ve heard some crazy things about employers in Taiwan, but this is the first I’ve heard of this one. LOL. Taiwan never seems to stop surprising me. How long have you been teaching in Singapore? Do you prefer it over Taiwan?

      • Haha yeah, I worked for a big company too (HESS) and they told all the non-Americans in my training group to put on the accent, they said it was easier for the kids or something! I have taught in Singapore for almost 2 years, the money is way better, the teaching is a lot easier (max 8 kids to a class and they all speak fluent English) and there are a lot of places to travel for weekends, not to mention I actually get paid vacation time here, but despite all that I do kinda miss Taiwan!

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