Famous for its umbrellas, tea, noodles, farms, and Hakka culture, Meinong has plenty to keep one entertained. Located just over an hour’s drive from Kaohsiung, it makes for a perfect day trip or weekend getaway.

Things to do and see in Meinong:

1. Oil-Paper Umbrellas– the Meinong District is famous for its oil-paper umbrellas. Paper umbrellas were traditionally given as dowries to symbolize a blessing for women to give birth to a son soon. They are also believed to keep away evil spirits and bring good fortune. Regardless if this is true or not, they still make for pretty souvenirs.

2. Visit a Meinong Farm- Tobacco was the largest crop until just recently. Today, farmers cultivate other varieties of fruit and flowers.

2. Visit a Tea House–  Lei Cha (Lei meaning to grind and Cha meaning tea) is a Hakka specialty made from ground tea, various herbs, sesame and nuts. It’s a cool experience, as you are the one grinding and preparing the tea. I recommend Meinong I-Chan located at 142 ChengGong Rd., opposite the Meinong Gas Station. Prices are $120NT per person, or $100NT per person for groups of 3 or more.

4. Visit the Meinong Hakka Museum– If you have the time, it is worth the stop for an overview of the Hakka in the Meinong region.

5. Eat Hakka Foods-Meinong’s specialties are noodles, cultivated lotus stem and tobacco leaf rice.

Directions from Kaohsiung:

From Kaohsiung, follow Highway 1 (Gaonan Highway) north towards Tainan. At the big spaghetti junction, enter the scooter lane under the height restriction, signposted Highway 1 and 22. The scooter road bends left, then there is a fork. Keep left here (the sign is in Chinese only); do not enter the tunnel on the right. Around a right hand curve, merge with the 22 heading east.

Follow Highway 22 for about 16km, until it intersects with Highway 21 just before a big river bridge. Turn left (north) on the 21 and follow the left bank of the river. In central Qishan, look for Highway 28 – signposted to Meinong – on the right hand side. Take this road, cross the river, and continue on the 28 to Meinong.


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