Winter Pollution Blues

In mid- October a magical thing happened in Kaohsiung: the summer heat was carried away by a crisp, cool breeze. Commutes around town no longer ended in a sweaty, sticky mess; stops at the intersection were no longer unbearable in the hot midday sun, and everyone around town was in an overall jolly mood.

This lasted for a whopping 2 weeks.

It is now November, and although the cooler weather is here to stay, the evil smog monster we call “Pollution” has rolled into Taiwan to spend his winter vacation.

So why is this?

It’s all due to the lack of precipitation and winds during the winter, as there are no natural forces to blow or wash away the tiny particles from motor vehicle exhaust, power plant emissions, chemical refineries, etc.  So even though the summer months are hot as hell, the pollution levels are lower, and while the winter months are nice and cool, the pollution levels are extreme. Except of course for the short- lived 2 week window that occurs in October and April.

So for all of us in southern Taiwan, looks like we can’t have our cake and eat it too. Except of course for those 2 weeks in October and April where we can glut out to our hearts’ desire.


  1. That’s a clear day in China! Ha.

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