Kaohsiung’s Jade Market

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally found the Crystal Headquarters of Kaohsiung: The Jade Market. And don’t let the outside fool you; what may seem ordinary on the outside, is far from plain on the inside.

The Jade Market is filled with crystals of all sizes, shapes and colors. One can find mala beads, jade pendants and bracelets, polished crystal spheres, polished pocket crystals, unpolished crystals, bags of crystal beads for jewelry making, handmade crystal jewelry, amethyst geodes, crystal trees….the list goes on and on.

Last Sunday, I was like a kid in a toy store as I floated around drunkenly, high from all the heady crystal energy.And just when I though it couldn’t get any better, I looked at the prices. It’s insane how much cheaper crystals are in Taiwan; any crystal shop in the US would charge at least 4 times as much as the vendors ask for here (the dilemma with the big pieces is shipping it home).

So where is the Jade Market?

Not far from the Junk Market (one of my other favorite markets in Kaohsiung), the Jade Market is on the east side of Jhonghua 2nd Rd. across the street from Cafe Jacaranda. Seeing as the Junk Market is just across the road on the west side of Jhonghua 2nd Rd they can both easily be visited in one day. The best day for the Jade Market, however, is Wednesday (they close at 4:30PM) but there are still some amazing finds to be had on the weekends as well.

Happy treasure hunting y’all.


  1. Going today yay!!

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