Tengjhih National Forest

tengjhihTengjhih National Forest is a hiker’s dream. Located in the mountains proper (ranging from 500-1500 meters above sea level), it is a welcome pocket of fresh air and nature. Better yet, it is only an hour and a half scoot from Kaohsiung.

There are many hiking loops to choose from; the one we completed on our last visit took an hour and a bit. And besides a group of 4 hikers that we briefly passed on the trail, we had the place to ourselves. At the base of the park is a small open air market with crafts, tea, and foods for sale. Near the edge of the mountain there are some tables and chairs, so you can enjoy the epic view as you eat and sip on some high mountain oolong tea.

Directions from Kaohsiung:

Head north on the 1 towards Tainan. In Nanzi, at the spaghetti junction, head east on the 22. Follow this road for 16km until it intersects with the 21. Turn left (north) on the 21 and follow this road as far as Qishan. In Qishan, turn right on the 28, signposted Meinong. Cross the river straight away and continue on the 28, through the outskirts of Meinong, then into the countryside. Do not cross the “Purple Butterfly Bridge” on your right, continue straight ahead. This road is now the 27A and it follows the west bank of the river. Follow the 27A north for about 15km until you reach the small town of Liugui. In Liugui, cross the river then bear left, and shortly afterwards, turn left on the 27 (the 27A ends here). After only half a kilometer or so, there is a clear right fork heading uphill signposted to Tenghzih National Forest. This is the road to the hiking areas. Follow this scenic road for 14.5km, and in the small village turn left and park next to the open air market. The trails start here.


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