20 Reasons I Prefer Teaching in Taiwan Over Honduras

20reasonshondurasThis past year I have been living and teaching in Taiwan, which has proven to be a refreshing change of pace from the small village I lived in previously in Honduras.  And although comparing the two countries is like comparing a cactus to a camel, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Taiwan is the most accommodating option for an expat.

On the other hand, if an adventurous ride (although filled with uncertainty and little funds to compensate you for your skills) is what floats your boat, then Honduras is the perfect place for you

Top 20 Reasons I Prefer Teaching in Taiwan Over Honduras:

  1. I can travel on the weekend without having to worry if my bus is going to be hijacked.
  2. My neighbors are doctors instead of drug dealers.
  3. The men don’t hiss at me, glare at me with rape eyes, and better yet, don’t try to run me over with moving vehicles while I’m doing my morning workout.
  4. The dogs don’t chase you, therefore I don’t have to carry rocks on my runs, or constantly be worried that a rabid dog is around the corner waiting to maul me.
  5. No stalkers.
  6. I have yet to see a crime scene, or any dead bodies.
  7. When I want to travel, there is a government website for the train and bus schedules, and get this-they are on time! No more waiting for a janky van that meets at Pedro’s house around the corner from the pulperia, departing only when the van (meant for 12 people) fills up with at least 20 passengers.
  8. I always know I will have running water… and it gets hot!!
  9. I have air conditioning!
  10. I’m actually compensated for my craft (my monthly salary in Honduras wouldn’t even buy an iPhone), my boss treats me with respect, and my school provides resources.
  11. I don’t have to hide money in my bra.
  12. I don’t have to carry pepper spray.
  13. Unlike Honduras, Taiwan is teeming with places to eat, and the cuisine ranges from African to Thai. Although I have to hand it to Honduras for their numerous creative combinations involving rice, beans, cheese, and tortillas.
  14. The beer is made with wheat like God intended, not corn.
  15. I don’t have to share my bedroom with mice, scorpions, roaches, etc…
  16. My neighbors don’t try to steal a copy of my house key with plans to rob me.
  17. There is a Costco.
  18. I haven’t seen any drunkards passed out on the street, in a puddle of their own vomit .
  19. If I’m ever injured, there is a hospital that I wouldn’t be scared to enter.
  20. When going on vacation, the only preparations needed are the mundane: passport, swimsuit, etc. Not having to store all of my valuables and electronics with someone in case my house is robbed.

For the record, Honduras did have its highlights, and was a wonderful experience that I will always hold dear. I made some amazing friends, met some great kids, and learned many life lessons. But would I do it all over again?

Hell no.


  1. 1.- Cars are really cheap in Honduras, Taxis cost lest that 5 dollars to any place who the hell takes a public bus
    2.- I´m a Lawyer with an MBA ,my neighbors are great profesionals as well,
    3.- we have fancy gyms and still you can run at a public park or the olympic village for free without being bothered at all
    4.- We certainly have lots of dogs,however that changes alot in cities
    5.- Stalkers are everywhere, taiwanese men are shy but still get horny as hell
    6.- My neighborhood has been years away from any crime scene
    7.- yet again who just walks by asking for directions
    8.- You´ll have plenty of water if you pay for it and I have a shower that I barely need because Honduras is a TROPICAL COUNTRY
    9.- we have lots of air conditioners as well in each room
    10.- Salary comes with the effort and one cant compare the cost of living in a place like Taiwan with a super economy and living in Honduras. Here you can eat with less than 15 dollar a day paying for 3 meals
    11.we have credit cards and pos in every mall and stores no need to carry money
    12.- who the hell needs pepper spray
    13.-Tegucigalpa and SPS have plenty of places to eat from Thai to greek to mexican etc
    14.Honduran beer is among the worlds best (Port Royal, Salva Vida, Imperial) they dont have anything to do with corn, on the other hand we share with Nicaragua the rights for the best Rum in the World FLOR DE CAÑA
    15.-Again I dont now what crappy village you lived at however most Hondurans are nice, respectful and honorable persons
    16.- we have plenty of american stores for all tastes, all the depots, walmart, pricemart which is a membership shopping and luxurious malls that satisfy anyones needs
    18.- Drunkies are everywhere
    19.- Even if our public medical system sucks, our private is amazing and if you re an expat all you have to do is get insurance to get attended at a very cheap price
    20.- I´ve lived my entire life in Honduras, went of for vacation months and my house has never been sacked

    Its easy talking shit about a place when you dont get to know it the right way

    • First of all, thanks for the comment.

      I’m assuming you are a man and not a woman, because your experience sounds very different from mine. I can assure you that for women (especially white ones) living in Honduras provides a completely different experience. I have never felt so harassed in my life. That said, I did meet some wonderful gentlemen while staying there, who were respectful, polite, and a pleasure to be around. This piece, however, was not focusing on the good, as it is a satirical piece.

      Secondly, as a teacher in an underprivileged school, I barely made a living wage, so affording a nice place with plenty of water was out of the question. Actually, the nicest hotel in town even had the water shut off at times. The village I lived in by the way, is Gracias.

      And in Taiwan, you can eat 3 meals a day for $5-$10. It is extremely cheap, and I am paid WAY more than Honduras.

      I’m sorry to have offended you. I know that the cities of Tegus and SPS are much more cosmopolitan.
      However, one thing that I cannot agree with you on is that Honduras makes some of the best beer in the world. This is simply not true. But to each man his own!


  2. Hi again, maybe I wrote too much in anger, I took your satirical too serious yet again its never too late to apologize. Hope one day you can come back to Honduras and experience other places, Gracias is a small, abandoned and poor town with the highest rates of illiteracy and filled with chauvinist men. Maybe as a man I havent been able to experience the harrasment in my own country.


  3. LOL …. agree with your comments about the beer, Jenna. I’ve been to about 50 countries, and Honduran beer must rank somewhere near the bottom of the list. Maybe Salva Vida appeals to Bud Light fans, I don’t know. D+D Brewery at Lago de Yojoa has some passable real ale, but that’s the exception …. and it’s brewed by an American!

  4. I’m glad you are enjoying your stay so far in Taiwan. I have been here a little over a year. Stay connected with other bloggers, and the friendly people of Kaoshiung and I am sure you will continue to have wonderful stay here!

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