England and the Return of the Evil Landlords

Dom and I traveled to England last month to attend his sister’s wedding, and the reprieve from Kaohsiung couldn’t have come at a better time, seeing as I had just lost my job, and then a week later (just when we thought we had escaped the evil ex-landlords) the police showed up to my work looking for me. Evidently, our ex-landlords are claiming that we stole all of the furniture when we moved. Everything from the T.V. to the water heater. The first thought that went through my head was how and why the hell would anybody steal a water heater?

Anyways, the whole thing involved me going to the police station and being interrogated for a couple of hours in front of a video camera. My translator said that the next step the landlords will take is to approach us with a settlement offer. She said it could take up to a month before anything else happens, so I decided to put it out of my mind and pack my bags for England.

This was my first time to visit England in the spring time, and it was absolutely lovely. English roses in bloom, green pastures, and for the most part, sunny skies. The weather was cool, which was a nice escape from the hot and humid summer in Kaohsiung.

The bride and bride and all the friends and family.

An old church in Chiddingstone.

The Roman baths in Bath, England.

Cream tea is much better served in a castle. Trust me.

Quick drive-by shot of Stonehenge on the way home from Bath.

But with every tale, there is always a happy ending, right? Well at least in this one. While I was in England, my old boss who tricked me (resulting in the loss of my job) sold the school! As I suspected, she was not doing too well financially. Within a couple of days the new owner emailed me asking if I wanted my job back, and of course I said yes. Same kids. Same location. I’m so grateful for this blessing.

It just goes to show that the Universe will never give you more than you can handle. Just when you are about to hit your breaking point, something good always comes along. The key is to stay positive, and keep your mind, body, and spirit open for all the gifts waiting to be received.

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