Goodbye Taiwan. It’s Been Real.

It seems like only yesterday that Dom and I first arrived to Taiwan, walking around like lost puppies with six pieces of luggage and trying to find our hostel.

The past few years have had their ups and downs and they certainly have not been dull. I’ve learned many things about the country, have met some rad folks from all over, and visited some amazing places.

My favorite place in Taiwan hands down is Dulan. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for this lovely town and if you ever find yourself in Taiwan I encourage you to explore the East coast as you will not be disappointed.

After two years, I naturally grew attached to my kiddos and it was sad to say goodbye, but I’m grateful for the memories. I’ve also made lasting friendships, and was able to share the practice of yoga with some righteous folks.

Looking back, most of our experiences in Taiwan were good, but I did have a few interactions with some rotten eggs. But hey – tis’ life and situations like this can happen anywhere.

So where are we now?

Dom is in Nepal birding (you can read about his adventures at Dom the Birder) and I am in Mysore, India studying Ashtanga yoga at KPJAYI. We will meet at the Taj Mahal on April 1 (I know how romantic yet cliché huh?) and then travel around the country a bit.

kukkutasana in India

Afterwards, we leave India for France in June because we have a date at the altar to get hitched, and from there we will fly to Bali to begin our trip traveling through Southeast Asia until November.

After that, who knows? We are toying with the idea of moving back to Texas, buuuuut I’ve heard good things about teaching in Vietnam…

In the meantime, Nomad Notions will be relatively quiet, but you can stop by my other blog (I hope you will!), Healthier Notions, where I post health and nutrition articles (I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned I’m also a holistic health coach, but now you know!). There you can find helpful tips about how to stay healthy while traveling, how to make healthy sweet treats, and more groovy stuff for feeling your best.

Love and peace and happy travels y’all!







  1. Romantic stuff is never cliché! (unless it’s Paris and somebody is proposing haha) 🙂 Nice post btw!

  2. Good luck with everyone. You have a pretty awesome year planned.

    I’m close to booking a ticket to Bali for the 3rd week of June. Trying to squeeze in another trip but I am so busy.

  3. I’ve heard good things about teaching in Vietnam too! I hope you go there and write about it so I can live vicariously through you!

  4. Whatever you do, I know it will be an adventure.

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