We Got Hitched!

Hey guys! So we got hitched! We had a fairytale wedding in Plan de la Tour, France and it was oh so dreamy….

Jenna and Dom (615 of 1416)

Jenna and Dom (887 of 1416)

So where to now? Well, first off I really can’t believe it’s been almost a year since leaving Taiwan. We find ourselves talking about it all the time. It’s funny how after you leave a place you only remember the good things.

After the wedding we backpacked around Southeast Asia for 4 months. We had a grand ole’ time tramping around Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. We ate health food and yoga’d in Ubud, saw some Komodo Dragons off the coast of Flores, I did my first ever 10-day Vipassana in Thailand, and I even had an emergency surgery there as well!

Crazy story, but I had a massive ovarian cyst that was cutting off blood circulation to my left ovary and it was either lose it and possibly hemorrhage to death, or get it taken out. Luckily I was only an hour away from a fancy private hospital in Chiang Mai. So what was only meant as a doctor’s visit for horrible pain turned into a 4 -day stay! Good thing for Dom because he took care of me and carried my bags for the next month as I couldn’t lift anything. And thank the sky above for health insurance. (By the way, if you are an expat or traveler looking for good health coverage check out IMG . They offer plans that also cover you back in the States, Canada or Europe if you plan to visit home as well which is a bonus).

So now we are currently back in the U.S. visiting my family in Texas. However we aren’t staying for long! The original plan was to move here for good and get jobs. But we’ve decided we haven’t had enough of Asia yet so we are moving to Vietnam to teach. We really fell in love with the country when we visited this past September, and we particularly liked Hanoi. So we are going to give it a go!

We will stay in Texas throughout Christmas, and then I will go to Mysore, India in January to study Ashtanga with my Guru Sharath Jois, and in April I will meet Dom in Hanoi.

So stay tuned for tales from Hanoi coming very soon!

Happy Holidays Y’all!

Jenna and Dom


Photos by Al Gawlick Photography.




  1. Gorgeous wedding photos! Congratulations on the nuptials. How amazing it will be to teach in Vietnam together! A life-long honeymoon is what it should all be about 🙂

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