Top 5 Things to See In Armenia

Armenia is definitely on my bucket list, as the country looks like something out of the Game of Thrones. It’s pristine and off the beaten path, which are the ingredients for a stellar holiday.Today, fellow traveler and guest blogger, Anush Richards, will give us tips about the best places to visit for your next trip.

Top 5 Things to See In Armenia

By Anush Richards:

Armenia is a vibrant country with a unique ancient culture and tradition. It is almost impossible to explore all its beauties in a week; however, if a week is all you have, make sure to include these 5 spots on your itinerary.

1. Visit Lake Sevan


If you are planning to visit Armenia in the summer, be sure to include the visit to Lake Sevan in your program. Lake Sevan is striking with its natural beauty, and bonus-you can taste the most delicious trout barbecue (or as it is called by locals ishkhan khorovat). Trout is an Armenian delicacy, so it’s worth staying at the lake for a few days to try all the traditional trout dishes.

2. Enjoy Breathtaking Views of Ararat


Biblical Mount Ararat is located in the historical Armenian land (now in Turkey). It has long been the symbol of the homeland for all Armenians. On clear days you can enjoy the view of Ararat from many corners of Yerevan. For the most breathtaking view, try going up the Cascade – the huge staircase located in the city. From here, the eye will behold an impressive view of Yerevan and the mountain. In the evening, you can see all the lights of the city from the Cascade.

Another place which offers memorable views of  Mount Ararat is the Victory Park and Tsitsernakaberd Memorial complex.

In my opinion, the most amazing and breathtaking view of Mount Ararat opens from Khor Virap Monastery in the Ararat valley. This monastery is a historical landmark, as it is linked with the adoption of Christianity in Armenia.

If you want to visit all these attractions in one day, you can contact any travel agency in Armenia which will organize a special trip for you.

3. Sip On Some Armenian Cognac

cognac factory

While you travel around Armenia make sure to sip on some delcious Armenian brandy.

To make the brandy tasting more interesting we recommend visiting Ararat Brandy Factory, where you will be given a tour of old storages where you will get the chance to experience the  aroma of oak barrels and cognac. After the tour around the factory you will be accompanied to the tasting room where you we’ll have an opportunity to taste all the brandies.

4. Bargain at the Vernissage Market

Vernisage souvenirs

Yerevan is home to the Vernissage market, which offers the largest collection of souvenirs in the country. The best time to visit the market is during the morning at the weekend. Why in the morning? Because you will spend half a day exploring all the shelves with wooden souvenirs, carpets, pitchers, silver ornaments, paintings, icons, expensive antiques and much more.

And don’t forget to bargain a little as it is a local tradition!

5. Ride on the Wings of Tatev Cable Car

Tatev rope way

At a distance of 260 km from Yerevan is located the longest cableway in the world, which connects the Vorotan Gorge with Tatev Monastery – the gem of Armenian medieval architecture. Flying at an altitude of 360 m you will feel like a bird soaring over the picturesque gorge.

After visiting all the attractions and making hundreds of photos in the most beautiful places promise yourself to return to Armenia again, as this small hospitable country has countless of other interesting places and things to experience.




  1. Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren says:

    Armenia has never really been on my list but I’m reconsidering! Beautiful post, thanks for sharing.

    Happy travels 🙂

  2. kaushik55 says:

    I always knew that Armenia was a great culture— Yet,I never knew it was so beautiful. Thanks for show-casing it.

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