Let’s Talk Teeth

I have seen rotting teeth on children everywhere: Indonesia, Honduras, and yes, even Taiwan. You would think that since I currently work at a posh private school, with students from extremely wealthy families, that all of their teeth would be sparkling white. But the truth is, sugar does not discriminate. Even on visits home to the […]

My Taiwanese Kiddos

Meet my students in Taiwan! Much smaller in size and quantity than my class in Honduras, but just as much to love. Brother and sister, Jack and Jessica. The two cutest little nuggets on this planet.

The Redemption of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. And no, this is not about love, so before you disregard this as some cliché “anti-love” rant from a single woman, please read on a bit more and you will see that this piece is indeed, quite the opposite. It’s more about the stupidity of the average human being, which is in the […]

Hate to Break it to Ya Kiddo, but the Exams Never Stop.

New door decorations for the upcoming second semester.

As we approach the fall season, the end of the first semester has arrived for my students. And consequently, final exams are part of the package deal. My kids are very young, and for most of them, this is the first exam they have ever taken. The look of confusion and apprehension has been all […]

It’s a Catch 22, I Say.

    Bad relationships. We have all had them. And if you say you haven’t, you are a liar. You know the type. Half the time things are going great. Your loved one and you share tender moments, a nice laugh, have a good week or two. And then ^#%265*@*@#! A fight. An argument. Moments that are close […]

Why I will Forever Be Indebted to Dr. Seuss

First day of school. After which, my brain was similiar to that of scrambled eggs, and my bones felt like they were made of jello. All I wanted to do was sit down in silence. Preferably next to a fan. Amidst all the  parents and their little cubs scurrying about frantically,the teachers were trying to remain calm. And […]

Keeping it Simple in Gracias

So it has been 2 weeks in Gracias. Good news is I have finally stopped getting lost. Which for the size of this town, it is really sad that I was getting lost at all. However this post is not about my inability to find North..and furthermore, what if my North is your South?  The past two […]

Eat, Sleep, Shop??

So it hit. I had my first day of being homesick. I knew it was bound to happen at some point, and sure enough the flood came- but as always it resided. I feel a bit frustrated not being able to get everywhere independently-seeing as I am still relying on taxis. However Indonesia is great-I like […]