It’s a Catch 22, I Say.

    Bad relationships. We have all had them. And if you say you haven’t, you are a liar. You know the type. Half the time things are going great. Your loved one and you share tender moments, a nice laugh, have a good week or two. And then ^#%265*@*@#! A fight. An argument. Moments that are close […]

Keeping it Simple in Gracias

So it has been 2 weeks in Gracias. Good news is I have finally stopped getting lost. Which for the size of this town, it is really sad that I was getting lost at all. However this post is not about my inability to find North..and furthermore, what if my North is your South?  The past two […]

Bienvenidos a Honduras

I smile because it is the universal language of love. Honduras. The country of good intentions and genuine smiles. However marred by a bad reputation of drug wars, crime, and corrupt politicians,  my one on one experiences with the people is what I base my opinion on. And it looks good, because the people here […]