TEXAS: Photos from the Hill Country

I used to get annoyed when people asked me if I rode horses, shot guns or went to the rodeo when they found out I am from Texas. But being away from Texas for so long has made me increasingly aware of  just how true many of these stereotypes are. Yes, I am from Texas. […]


This post is by guest blogger, Rowan Castle. Children in Naltar Valley, Pakistan  Camp below the Asambar Pass, Pakistan.  The Bazaar at Abbottabad, Pakistan. Shrine of Bibi Jawindi in Uch Sharif, Pakistan. Bus on the Grand Trunk Road, Pakistan. Tribesmen of Swat Kohistan, Pakistan. About the Photographer Rowan Castle is a travel photographer and founder […]

Backpacking Through Kenya

This post has been written by guest blogger, Enoch Castleberry. Kenyan girl displaying traditional jewelry of the Samburu tribe of northern Kenya. Acacia tree. Hitching in Kenya is not really necessary nowadays with improvements to public transport. The real reason to hitch is to become a time traveler and rub shoulders with the likes of […]

Dulan, Taiwan : Art and Aboriginal Culture

If you are cruising north from Taidong on Highway 11, you will come across the village of Dulan. Although small and perhaps a bit too easy to miss, one really should make an effort to stop, as Dulan hosts some pretty cool art and aboriginal culture. Here you will find an abandoned sugar mill turned art […]

England: Town and Country

Traditional. Queen. Tea. Castles. These are probably a few of the words that come to mind when England is mentioned. But are we wrong to stereotype the country in such a manner? During my recent trip to the Mother Country, I was reminded that it is with good reason England is associated with these words. […]

Antigua: Semana Santa

Antigua, Guatemala during Semana Santa has always been on my bucket list. But seeing as I am last -minute Jane,  it took years to finally make the trip a reality. Last year, I finally buckled down and made reservations as far as in advance as December at a place called  Hostel Jacaranda. I’m glad I did, […]

El Salvador: Waiting to Be Discovered

El Salvador is sadly the most neglected country in Central America, as many backpackers along the Gringo Trail tend to skip the tiny country on their way to Nicaragua. But after my visit, El Salvador proved that it has a plethora of beaches, volcanoes, delicious foods, and friendly people that put it in league with […]