Java, Indonesia

The volcanic crater lake of Kawah Ijen, on the island of Java, Indonesia.  Everyday, Indonesian miners carry 60-90kg of sulphur on their backs in bamboo baskets. The trip takes four hours, and they are only paid 100,000 rupiah ($10US). About the Photographer Brien Silver is a world traveler and teacher from Texas. He is currently […]

The Andes In Northwestern Argentina

When visiting Salta, a mid-sized city in Northwestern Argentina (population over 500,000), I had my sights set on exploring the mountainous regions south of it. During the 3-day drive, I navigated through dirt roads, mountain passes, and small creeks. The 100-mile stretch between the towns of Cafayate and Cachi was entirely gravel and most challenging […]

Exploring Taiwan’s Green Island

Thousands of tiny islands adorn the Pacific, and these remnants of volcanic eruptions have evolved into tourist hot spots, with prime diving and scenic beaches. It is here tourists lay their hats to kick back and relax (which for the typical Taiwanese tourist means traveling in groups of 50, each renting a scooter, taking a […]

Tom Robbins: 2 Sentences of Pure Travel Inspiration

The trip left the girl gaga, goofy, tainted, transformed, her nose a busted hymen through which sperm of a thousand colors swam a hootchy-kootchy stroke into her cerebral lagoon. Now, whenever she smelled the guys, the balsams, and the special aromatics that arrived with merchants from afar, her head reeled with images of temples, shrines, […]

El Salvador: Waiting to Be Discovered

El Salvador is sadly the most neglected country in Central America, as many backpackers along the Gringo Trail tend to skip the tiny country on their way to Nicaragua. But after my visit, El Salvador proved that it has a plethora of beaches, volcanoes, delicious foods, and friendly people that put it in league with […]

Top Ten Rules for Chicken Buses in Central America

This post has been written by guest blogger, Dominic LeCroissette. 1. The more ancient and dilapidated the bus, the louder the sound system. 2. There is always room for one more passenger (personal record, 29 people in a 13-seater minivan), and it is possible to fit 3 adults on a seat designed for 2 children […]

Wait…Who’s The Pope?

With all of the excitement of Chinese New Year, I completely forgot about Carnival. Last year in Honduras this would have been impossible to forget seeing as Catholicism is an ingrained part of the culture. But currently, I am in Asia, and anything to do with the church is a distant memory. I don’t even […]