El Valle, Panama

Bicycles lean against the wall of the local butcher shop in El Valle, Panama. About the Photographer Laura Ambrey is a traveller, writer and wife who has backpacked through Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Her hobbies include photography, SCUBA diving and trying the latest spa treatments. Visit her blog: Writings From Abroad Do you have […]

Utila Sunset

Sunset view from Babalu Bar’s dock. Isle de Utila, Honduras. About the Photographer Kate Seeley is an elementary school teacher living in Colorado. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her traveling and/or volunteering. Visit her blog: Apples to Manzanas Do you have a photo you’d like to submit for Photo of […]

Antigua: Semana Santa

Antigua, Guatemala during Semana Santa has always been on my bucket list. But seeing as I am last -minute Jane,  it took years to finally make the trip a reality. Last year, I finally buckled down and made reservations as far as in advance as December at a place called  Hostel Jacaranda. I’m glad I did, […]

El Salvador: Waiting to Be Discovered

El Salvador is sadly the most neglected country in Central America, as many backpackers along the Gringo Trail tend to skip the tiny country on their way to Nicaragua. But after my visit, El Salvador proved that it has a plethora of beaches, volcanoes, delicious foods, and friendly people that put it in league with […]

Top Ten Rules for Chicken Buses in Central America

This post has been written by guest blogger, Dominic LeCroissette. 1. The more ancient and dilapidated the bus, the louder the sound system. 2. There is always room for one more passenger (personal record, 29 people in a 13-seater minivan), and it is possible to fit 3 adults on a seat designed for 2 children […]