Ghost Month

Ladies and Gentlemen, watch your back, because it is Ghost Month in Taiwan. According to Chinese Tradition, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is Ghost Month, in which ghosts and spirits come out of the lower realm and visit Earth. In keeping with tradition, people pay homage to their deceased ancestors (who are believed […]

Taiwan: More Progressive Than You Think

Yes, yes, we get it. Everything is made in Taiwan; Toyotas, Canons, Snuggies, most likely any crappy plastic toy lying about. Hell-even my  Lululemon yoga pants are made here. It’s no surprise Taiwan gets a bad rap for being a country with only manufacturing to offer. When people think of the country, they most likely envision […]

Birth Tourism: Passing Out Passports Like Candy

There exists a new wave of tourism popular amongst the Chinese and Taiwanese: Birth Tourism. This booming industry, with more than a hundred “Maternity Hotels”, is spreading like wild fire in the Southern California region with the sole purpose of  catering to expectant mothers wishing to obtain a U.S. Passport for their newborns. The practice […]

Chinese New Year Day 4: Back to Reality…Well, for some.

Day four of Chinese New Year is somewhat uneventful compared to the last few days. The fires have dwindled, the firecrackers are fewer and further between (but make no mistake they are still going strong ), and people have slowly started to make their way back into the cities from holiday. Most importantly, the trash […]

春节 Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is a momentous two week celebration in China and many other Asian countries.  Imagine the Christmas –er, I am being very politically incorrect. Let’s try again. Imagine the “Holiday” season in the States, and add a little ancestor homage, incense burning, pig roasting, lantern lighting, dragon dancing, and of course fireworks, and […]