Baisha Beach, Taiwan

Baisha is a white sand beach located in Kenting National Park. The past couple of weekends the weather has been rubbish, making a getaway out of the question. But the stars were aligned last weekend, and the elements for a trip were in full force; Dom had just purchased a motorcycle, the weekend had a […]

Anti-Nuclear Protesters Take Over the Streets of Taiwan

An estimated 68,000 Taiwanese protesters took to the streets this past weekend in opposition to the construction of what may be Taiwan’s 4th nuclear power plant. The “Nuclear Go Zero” protests took place all across the country, and were followed by an all night vigil in which the participants stayed up until sunrise. I could see […]

5.6 Earthquake in Taiwan

Mother Nature decided to do her sun salutations this morning. I felt it around noon, when she was in the middle of her downward facing dog. Thankfully, I was only on the 5th floor so I didn’t experience too much swaying. Dom was out on his bike, and returned as if nothing had happened. Guess […]