Winter Pollution Blues

In mid- October a magical thing happened in Kaohsiung: the summer heat was carried away by a crisp, cool breeze. Commutes around town no longer ended in a sweaty, sticky mess; stops at the intersection were no longer unbearable in the hot midday sun, and everyone around town was in an overall jolly mood. This […]

Thanks to Fellow Expat, Taiwan “RE-THINKS” Pollution

Kudos to fellow expat teacher Daniel Gruber for bringing attention to the trash epidemic in Taiwan (and shining some much needed light on the expat population). Gruber, from Hawaii, just completed a cycle trip around the island of Taiwan, but instead of solely sight seeing, he also picked up trash along the way. During his […]

Anti-Nuclear Protesters Take Over the Streets of Taiwan

An estimated 68,000 Taiwanese protesters took to the streets this past weekend in opposition to the construction of what may be Taiwan’s 4th nuclear power plant. The “Nuclear Go Zero” protests took place all across the country, and were followed by an all night vigil in which the participants stayed up until sunrise. I could see […]