Hanoi,Vietnam: First Impressions

Last month I arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam after spending three months in Mysore, India studying Ashtanga at KPJAYI. During this time my husband, Dominic, got a head start in Vietnam, beginning the foundation for our new lives in Hanoi. It was challenging being apart for three months, but thanks to Skype and a fast wifi […]

Dragon Whiskers 龍鬚菜

When I first moved to Taiwan, I had major withdrawals from kale and brussel sprouts as they are not grown on the island. Yes, I could probably find them in an expensive international grocery store, but seeing as this is not sustainable, I choose not to purchase them. The good news is, the withdrawals resided quickly after […]

Zongzi (Rice Dumplings)

Dragon Boat Festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunisolar Chinese Calendar. This year, the date fell on June 12. It’s not known for sure exactly when the holiday began, but the general consensus is around 278 BC. I didn’t take part in the Dragon Boat racing, but I did take part […]

Mango Shaved Ice

Fresh mango shaved ice is a Taipei speciality, but is popular all over Taiwan. Creamier than snow cones and lighter than ice-cream, mango shaved ice is fluffy, and topped with generous portions of fresh mango (currently in season) and condensed milk. Perfect for Kaohsiung’s hot summer days.

More Than Just Almond Butter

Every expat has their favorite food from back home. Whether it be Coleman’s Mustard, Tim Tams, or Girl Scout Cookies; the taste of your favorite food magically has the capability to transport you back to the dinner table, sitting with family, as if you had never gotten on that big jet plane in the first place. Sometimes, […]

Chinese New Year Day 8: The Eve of The Jade Emperor’s Birthday

Today is the eve of the birth of the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven. At midnight, a few will light incense and give food offerings.However, tomorrow is the day when most will set up altars in their homes with offerings for him. The last few people still remaining on holiday will finally go back […]

Chinese New Year Day 5: Stuff Your Face With Dumplings

Day five of Chinese New Year is the God of Wealth’s birthday.  And what does one do on the God of Wealth’s birthday? Well obviously feast on dumplings, duh. And Karaoke. Yes, you gotta have karaoke. Dumplings (餃子, jiǎozi)  symbolize wealth because their shape resembles a Chinese tael, an old school system of Chinese weight […]