Have an Awesome Travel Photo?

Do you have an amazing travel photo you wanna share? Send it to jennaroselongoria[at]gmail[dot]com and it might just make Nomad Notions’ Photo of the Week! Namaste.

Always Read Before You Sign

We finally found an apartment! As sad as it was to say goodbye to our friends at Cozy Planet Hostel, we are so relieved to finally have a base camp! Cheers to unpacking my bags for good. Well, for at least a year….  

Well, Good News is I’m Employed.

The first few days in Kaohsiung were daunting.- a lot more so than I expected.  However, what will be will be, and my faith that everything will work out the way it should still runs thick. Plus, Dom and I have managed to keep a pretty positive outlook on the whole situation. I guess when I […]