My Taiwanese Kiddos

Meet my students in Taiwan! Much smaller in size and quantity than my class in Honduras, but just as much to love. Brother and sister, Jack and Jessica. The two cutest little nuggets on this planet.

Chinese New Year Day 6: Firecracker Dodgeball

To be honest, day six of Chinese New Year is absent of special rituals. We are at the part of the New Year where things have hit a lull. The middle days are a time of quiet (minus the fireworks) when families feast and spend time together, leading to the final day celebration blowouts. Shockingly, […]

Chinese New Year Day 5: Stuff Your Face With Dumplings

Day five of Chinese New Year is the God of Wealth’s birthday.  And what does one do on the God of Wealth’s birthday? Well obviously feast on dumplings, duh. And Karaoke. Yes, you gotta have karaoke. Dumplings (餃子, jiǎozi)  symbolize wealth because their shape resembles a Chinese tael, an old school system of Chinese weight […]

Chinese New Year Day Two: Happy Birthday Toto

According to legend, day two of the Chinese New Year, called the kāinián 开年 “beginning of the year”, is the birthday of all dogs. It is customary to give them special treats, so in preparation for this I bought some dog biscuits to pass out  to all the pups. Usually, there are countless dogs running […]

The Redemption of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. And no, this is not about love, so before you disregard this as some cliché “anti-love” rant from a single woman, please read on a bit more and you will see that this piece is indeed, quite the opposite. It’s more about the stupidity of the average human being, which is in the […]

It’s a Catch 22, I Say.

    Bad relationships. We have all had them. And if you say you haven’t, you are a liar. You know the type. Half the time things are going great. Your loved one and you share tender moments, a nice laugh, have a good week or two. And then ^#%265*@*@#! A fight. An argument. Moments that are close […]

Why I will Forever Be Indebted to Dr. Seuss

First day of school. After which, my brain was similiar to that of scrambled eggs, and my bones felt like they were made of jello. All I wanted to do was sit down in silence. Preferably next to a fan. Amidst all the  parents and their little cubs scurrying about frantically,the teachers were trying to remain calm. And […]