An Expat Guide: Getting a Driver’s License in Taiwan

This post has been written by guest blogger, Dominic LeCroissette. Shortly after arriving in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second largest city, it quickly became apparent that I needed to find a fast and efficient way of getting around. As one might expect in cutting-edge East Asia (whose cities, by the way, put most of Europe and North […]

Baisha Beach, Taiwan

Baisha is a white sand beach located in Kenting National Park. The past couple of weekends the weather has been rubbish, making a getaway out of the question. But the stars were aligned last weekend, and the elements for a trip were in full force; Dom had just purchased a motorcycle, the weekend had a […]

A Guide To Exploring North-West Thailand by Motorcycle

Thailand has got it all: culture, adventure, good eats, beaches, mountains, and night markets. Mix into the equation a well-developed tourist infrastructure, plus low costs for Western wallets, and it’s easy to understand why the country is so popular. According to traveller and motorcycle enthusiast, Dominic LeCroissette, the best way to explore the region is on […]