Everytime Someone Quits Their Corporate Job to Travel the World, a Fairy Gets Its Wings.

Refuse to be one of those cliches who look back at life with regret. In the end, you only have yourself to blame. The oppurtunities exist, you just have to prioritize. There is ample time to root yourself when older. Join us in the magical world of Travelers’ Limbo.

The Land of Corn Tortillas. And Lots and Lots of Drugs.

Honduras. I’m sure you have seen horror stories plastered over the news lately, what with it recently being crowned the “murder capital of the world”. As a result, the State Department pulled the Peace Corps out, and consequently, tourism has significantly declined.  Regardless, I have decided to continue teaching for the remaining of the school […]

The Redemption of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. And no, this is not about love, so before you disregard this as some cliché “anti-love” rant from a single woman, please read on a bit more and you will see that this piece is indeed, quite the opposite. It’s more about the stupidity of the average human being, which is in the […]

Remember That Time I was Detained at the Border?

So we rode the magical party bus once more for another trip to El Salvador. But this time, we had a few problemas at the border. Evidently, my employer uses fake stamps in our passports in order to renew our allowed 90 days in Honduras. Funny thing, the officials at the El Salvador border weren’t too […]

Home is Whenever I’m With You

Home is a tricky concept. These past 6 months I have been living in Honduras. And before that I was living in Indonesia and South America. So yes, I was born and raised in Texas, but I really haven’t been able to call it my “home” for some time. Going home for Christmas is always […]

El Salvador- Murals, Murals, Everywhere

El Salvador. Despite being just a hop, skip and a jump from Honduras, the differences immediately bombard you once crossing the imaginary line which divides the two Latin American countries. All though in the same blood line, I guess you could say El Salvador is the better looking sister. But don’t get your feelings hurt Honduras, […]

Hate to Break it to Ya Kiddo, but the Exams Never Stop.

New door decorations for the upcoming second semester.

As we approach the fall season, the end of the first semester has arrived for my students. And consequently, final exams are part of the package deal. My kids are very young, and for most of them, this is the first exam they have ever taken. The look of confusion and apprehension has been all […]

Why I will Forever Be Indebted to Dr. Seuss

First day of school. After which, my brain was similiar to that of scrambled eggs, and my bones felt like they were made of jello. All I wanted to do was sit down in silence. Preferably next to a fan. Amidst all the  parents and their little cubs scurrying about frantically,the teachers were trying to remain calm. And […]

Desperate Housemaids

Bakso– a traditional Indonesian soup made with beef meatballs, noodles, and vegetables. And according to my maid, the stuff is worth its weight in gold. The school I work for provides all their teachers with maids. It took me awhile to get accustomed to this luxury, and it has left me a little spoiled. I […]